Children's Education

We provide free quality education. As well as liberal arts, English, Bengali and Hindi,
we teach self-discipline, appreciation for all religions and points of view, problem-solving skills, and taking responsibility to make positive changes in the world.

All of our students are come from financially disadvantaged families; many are refugees, whose families fled persecution across the border, with nothing but hope. Yet these are some of the happiest, most generous children you will ever meet. Many of our students are the first in their families to become literate; many teach the rest of their families what they've learned at school each day.

The majority of India's children are enrolled in government schools, but up to 50% of children enrolled in government schools don't attend school regularly and drop-out rates are very high. Our school's drop-out rate is 0%. The reasons for this include: 

  • many kids from impoverished families are required to work -- we visit families to explain the long-term huge advantages of keeping their children in school, and suggest alternate sources of income such as women's vocational training for mothers that we provide at no costs.
  • many girls are rushed into child marriage which tends to end their education -- we encourage girls to know their rights and explain to parents the benefits for girls of being educated.
  • many kids' learning is impaired by malnourishment -- we provide breakfast to be sure they have at least one square meal per day
  • some can't afford the school uniforms that are required at most schools -- we provide these for students so they don't compete over material goods.
  • many fall behind because they are unable to pay for private tutoring that government school teachers often require -- we provide tutoring and libraries free of charge through the high school years.

We provide personalized support and education so that those who need education the most are able to attend regardless of their family situation.

School Dropout Rates

2 Centers: 

Children's School provides a well-rounded education,
including English language education, to children aged 3 to 9.
Secondary School at Gupinath House provides free tuition for students aged 10 to 16 (Class 5 - Class 10). We also have games and gardening classes on the premises.

We provide all books, materials and uniforms.
A lending library provides textbooks and other materials for 400+ student members, for school and college.